Deck Railing

Crystalite deck railing systems are structurally designed and stamped by an independent structural engineer. CrystaLite railing systems have been rated to accommodate high wind loads and exposure ratings set forth by local building codes.

Combining long lasting aluminum alloy post and railings, with wither tempered glass panels, pickets, or stainless steel cable; each railing system is strong, durable, weather resistant, and nearly maintenance free. Giving your porch or deck the beauty and characteristics you’re looking for.

Choose from: Glass, Cable, Picket, Infinity

Top Rails: 6 Profiles Available

Post: 3 sizes Available

Colors: 6 Colors, 5 Aluminate Wood

Custom: Available with Samples

Mounting: Deck Mount and Side Mount



CrystaLite skylights are NAMI certifies and NFRC rated for thermal performance; U-factor, SHGC, Visible Light Transmittance. Standard skylights are NAMI certified to the NAFS standard for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading; commonly referred to as AAMA Testing.

CrystaLite offers several options from Standard Frames, Venting Frames, Tubular Skylights, Custom Sloped Glazing, Safety Grids and More.


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